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         Product Name:-澳门太阳集团2005 Tricalcium silicate powder

Molecular Formula: Ca3SiO5

Specifications: purity > 98%, 0-100 μm (can be customized)

Physical and Chemical Properties: White powder, alkaline non-toxic, with water hydration and self-cured to form hydrates, the hydration reaction heat release is low, with good bioactivity and biodegradability. It is a good bone cement material.

Applications: This product as CS-based bone cement material, widely used in drug release controlled release carrier, bone defect fill materials and feed additives, filter aid materials; addition, this product can be used as thermal insulation material in the building materials, refractory raw materials, high-grade paint extender pigment and carrier.

Storage and transport: prevent moisture during transport and storage, separate from toxic substances.

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